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From managing plantations and mills to refining crude palm oil and manufacturing palm-based products, supported by an extensive fleet of ship tankers and barges that enhances our logistical capability. We committed to meet global palm oil demand in an environmentally, socially and economically viable way.
Ohana Indonesia
OHANA is a disability rights based organization in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. Our vision is to achieve social justice and equal rights of persons with disabilities.
Liberty Society
Liberty Society is a social enterprise of eco-friendly & impactful B2B merchandise & hampers that empowers marginalized women. We help you appreciate and value your team, supporters, or clients with curated personalized goods & gifts that are loving to people and the planet. We partner with you to elevate your merchandising, gifting, and social initiatives to meet the SDGs.
The Global Table
Providing employment opportunities, the social enterprise could also offer language and cultural exchange programs, allowing refugees to integrate more fully into their new community and share their own cultural traditions with others. This could help to build bridges and foster greater understanding and appreciation between different communities.
Changemakr Asia
Launched in 2020, Changemakr Asia is the media publication focusing on climate, impact and green regenerative economy in Asia. Readers stand at the intersection of sustainability, climate, circularity, green renegerative economy, and impact in Asia. Daily updated and available in dynamic digital format, Changemakr Asia brings to the forefront a rich collection of articles, innovative ideas, and original research from global investors, executive leaders, and academics.

Your actions matter in the fight against climate change! Help reduce carbon emissions and protect our environment for future generations. Innovative businesses are leading this movement, using Impact Atlas to highlight their efforts and drive real change.

? What if sustainability became the norm in business, rather than a nice to have? That's our mission: using Technology, we simplify sustainability for organizations by making it more accessible, transparent and measurable. We are building the first wholesale marketplace for sustainable products, connecting verified sustainable suppliers, manufacturers and brands. ✅ For brands, we offer uncompromising accessibility to all the sustainable products you need for your business. TEORRA rigorously vets all suppliers, so you as a buyer have absolute confidence and trust in the sustainable vendors you introduce to your supply chain; all while helping you measure your businesses impact as a result of choosing sustainable products. ✅ For suppliers, we help eliminate competition with conventional products by providing you with a marketplace specifically designed to servicing buyers looking for sustainable options. We make it easy for your business to attract new customers while helping you grow your brand globally.
Capture is a sustainability engagement platform that helps organisations take climate action by promoting behavioural change in their employees. Capture encourages users to track and reduce their carbon emissions through gamification features, challenges and rewards. Employees also learn about sustainability and how they can take action through interactive digital learning materials. Based on the collected emissions data, organisations can measure their workforce’s carbon footprint, offset it and introduce green incentives.
Enviu Indonesia Zero Waste Living Lab
Enviu is an impact-driven venture building studio. We are a steward-owned organization, with offices in Indonesia, the Netherlands, India, Kenya and Malaysia. We develop commercially viable solutions to tackle environmental and social issues. In Indonesia, we started the Zero Waste Living Lab (ZWLL) program in 2019. ZWLL focuses on reducing plastic waste by building reuse and refill solutions. We focus especially on problematic waste streams, which are high volume, often leak into the environment, and are almost impossible to recycle. Thus far ZWLL has launched seven ventures, including Koinpack, ALLAS, Econesia and Qyos, that directly reduce single use plastic and drive the Indonesian market from disposables to reuse.
Angie's Tempeh Pte Ltd
Through a mastery of fermentation and innovative techniques, our unique tempeh range expands beyond soybeans to include other superfood legumes and grains that are nutritious and wholesome. Aside from selling on our e-commerce store, we also offer retail and food service channels unique options to expand their menus, manufacturing high quality, customisable and naturally fermented tempeh.
The Fashion Pulpit
The fashion pulpit is a sustainability enterprise that aims to advance circular fashion through educating, swapping, upcycling, thrifting and repurposing globally!
Griya Luhu
Griya Luhu is a leading eco-preneur in changing peoples’ behavior and awareness toward sustainable waste management by using digital technologies. We no longer see community as an object but instead a subject driver for a better waste management system. Our service comes in the form of a mobile app with simple, user friendly and straightforward traits.

The Planet's biodiversity is the lifeblood of our existence. Progressive companies are committed to protecting wildlife and habitats, showcasing their conservation initiatives to ensure a balanced ecosystem. Join us in supporting these vital efforts.

Nature Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS)
The leading NGO's in Eastern India. Since 1991, NEWS is committed to protect and conserve wildlife, ecology & environment. NEWS is also committed to engage people in alternative and sustainable livelihood who are majorly dependent on threatened ecosystems and to enhance their participation in the conservation process.

Universal health and sanitation are within reach! By investing in community well-being, we are building stronger societies. Leading businesses are already contributing, see how they are making universal health access a reality.

An award-winning social business that has positively impacted the lives of more than 35 million people across 44 countries. Our purpose is simple: to empower people everywhere to live a better life, every day, and to enjoy a brighter future through innovative sanitation and hygiene solutions.
Water Project Asia
Water project Asia
Hong Kong
Upasana Society NGO
Upasana Society NGO is a strong believer of this wonderful quote except we strive to bring about a change one step at a time! Driven with a mind-set of sustainability, empowerment and environmental betterment, Upasana Society is a Non-profit organisation headquartered in Mumbai, India. Incepted in 2011, Upasana society started as a small group of enthusiast individuals and today it has mobilized several young people with a simple motive of making this world a better place to live in. We as a platform strive to bring about a positive change in the society by addressing not just the temporary solution to the problem but working rigorously and relentlessly to solve the root of the problem. Upasana society is dedicated to bring about sustainability in whatever project we initiate and also to empower the underprivileged. Our wings are spread across all social causes and areas of work including education, health awareness, spreading happiness, environment, self-sufficient collaborations with other NGO’s, spreading awareness of co-curricular activities, training and skill development, etc. The organisation provides socially-conscious individuals a platform to serve society and join the circle of giving, empowering and sustaining for a better world.

Foster equality and empower societies with us. Promoting inclusion and gender equality, we unlock potential and spur innovation. Witness the impact of progressive companies as they create a world where opportunity is equal for everyone.

Daughters Of Tomorrow
Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is an IPC charity empowering economically challenged women into sustained employment, this enabling their families towards social mobility.
An award-winning NPO from Singapore which provides financial literacy for MDWs and local low-income women
Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit is a menstrual health start-up based in Bali, Indonesia who believes that everyone deserves access to safe, comfortable and affordable menstrual products and education. We began as a social project in East Nusa Tenggara Province in 2018 and now paving our way to be a leading company for providing the best and the most sustainable period solutions. Our mission is breaking menstrual taboos, empowering women to be the best version of themselves, and protecting our environment from climate change.
Sahas Foundation
We at Sahas work towards creating a world free from gender based violence. Sahas focuses on knowledge building of adolescents on issues of gender, sexuality and reproductive health thereby building their capacity to challenge child sexual abuse. We work with teachers, parents, young people, police, women and social activists on their capacity building to build gender sensitive ecosystem. Sahas been working in village Khushipura, Uttar Pradesh for past 3 years with girls and women on knowledge building and providing access to education, health and work.

Education transforms lives! Ensure everyone has access to quality education and unlock the power of knowledge. Support the companies making a difference and showcasing their educational initiatives.

Dignity for Children Foundation
Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-governmental organization that provides holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our work began in 1998.
Bulir Padi Foundation
NGO based in Jakarta, Indonesia established since 2012 focusing on empowering marginalized children from low income families in the slums of Jakarta with access and opportunities to education and employment for a better life out of poverty.
Inspiring the next generation across Asia

Embrace the shift from linear to circular, where nothing is wasted. Discover innovative companies leading the way in creating resilient economies, reducing waste, and promoting responsible consumption. Together, we are working towards a more sustainable future.

Easy Refill, No Plastic Waste. #REFILLution in progress! The first smart refill system in Indonesia. We make the refilling experience easier, faster, and cheaper.

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